I am one of your former students – one of many, I know. I rode with you for a year while my husband and I were going to school for a year at Fort Leavenworth. I was on active duty, got pregnant, and had a big old grey gentleman – an Oldenburg gelding named Sterling – who took care of me but was having health issues. You gave us some wonderful clinics at Becky Obea’s place in Leavenworth, and also gave me lessons on your wonderful old schoolmaster at Freedom Hill Farm.

I always admired your determination, classical approach and your hard work. I’ve been following your progress over the years, and wanted to tell you that you are proof that putting the horses and the basics first, along with lots of hard work are the keys to success. You should be proud.

Just wanted to share that! Keep it up – you are an inspiration on so many levels.

Chrissy Ekman

“I have known Rebecca since her young rider days. She has developed into an exceptional trainer and coach. Her approach to training capitalizes on each horses strengths and works to better their weaknesses. Rebecca is a tactful and sensitive coach who inspires the best from every rider and increases their level of confidence. I enjoy our monthly clinics and she is helping me to develop my young horse to his best potential.”

Nina Thompson


I started riding with Rebecca when I was a frustrated. struggling first level rider. This year I earned my bronze medal and am now showing Fourth Level with Prix St George almost in sight.
When I started working with Rebecca I told her that I was looking for a coach that would take me and my riding goals seriously. She does that and much more… she has invested herself in my success with my horse.
Rebecca has an amazing work ethic both for herself and her students. That work ethic combined with her talents as a rider, trainer, judge and coach is what has made her so successful. She is always classical, always correct, and always effective! And we still get to have fun!

Marie and ‘Gator’ Maloney
Wichita, Kansas


” I have known Rebecca Rigdon since she re located her training business to Steffen Peters’ facility, ‘Arroyo Del Mar’, at the beginning of 2009.

Steffen brought her to our farm to ride Santiago while he rode Montango. Jim and I were very impressed with the gymnastics she used on Santiago and her ability to discern just what this horse needed!

She now rides both Montango and Santiago whenever Steffen is showing abroad or is clinicing for an extended period. She is always fair with the horses and gives them her best effort.

I highly recommend her!”

Mary S. Keenan
Shamrock Dressage Farms, LLC


I have been one of Rebecca’s students for a number of years. I first met Rebecca at a clinic in Wichita, Kansas. I was riding a difficult warmblood mare and had not found a clinician that could work with both of us. I was very impressed with Rebecca’s ability to work with the horse. She seems to have a special talent with mares, and enjoys riding them. I have noticed that she does not ride every horse the same way. She is able to change and adapt to what each particular horse needs. So often I have met clinicians that seem to have a “cookbook” approach.
Rebecca is certainly not one of those!

One of Rebecca’s most notable talents is her work ethic.
I own my own business and meet very few people in my line of work that have the stamina and self discipline that she does. I wish I could hire a whole staff of people like her to work for my company! My company would be much more successful, I am sure.

Over the years Rebecca has improved my riding tremendously. My friends and riding buddies have all commented on my progress.
Rebecca challenges me to be honest with myself and the work my horse doing. She is not easy to please, but keeps after me to ride better.

I am now riding a talented young gelding who promises to be a great horse for me. He will be joining Rebecca in California this winter. We are VERY excited!!!

Missy Malone-Bartel and Everest
Riverbend Ranch
Augusta, Kansas

I met Rebecca a year before I started working with her and her professional friendly demeanor made her stick out amongst the many other dressage trainers and coaches I have met before her. I started working with Rebecca in March and was barely showing first level. In 6 short months Rebecca has taken me and my horse to scoring in the 70’s at first level and I am now schooling third level. She loves the sport inside and out, but her true passion is with the horses. She uses methods that bring out the most in the horse and rider combination rather than one or the other. She wants to see her students succeed and its more than just doing the tricks – Rebecca teaches the basic fundamentals so her students understand why the horse is or is not going correctly.

Kate Ernst