How Many Pellets Should I Feed My Betta?

By | February 14, 2020

Everyone likes to have little pets. Well, they come in all shapes, sizes, and even categories. Some like to go for a dog, some settle with a cat. But well, it doesn’t mean that you also have to keep playing in their row and have to get a cat or dog, you can get yourself a different animal. And well, one such pet could be a Betta Fish and for that you need to understand what sort of betta fish food you should get for its diet.

Well, getting yourself a fish is not much of a big deal. It’s just like getting any other pet animal. The real challenge comes when we have to feed it. Well, it cannot make its food like plants and it also cannot come to you in case the fish is hungry. So, you need to make sure to follow a proper routine in case of a fish. Make sure you are feeding them properly, and not just proper, sufficient also, you will not want your fish to starve or even overeating; in both cases, it will cause a big problem. So well, if you are finding tips for feeding instructions, you are in the right place.

Why is it needed to follow a proper routine?

How Many Pellets Should I Feed My Betta?

Well, as like everyone else, getting your fish to eat proper food is very much important. Feeding the wrong food might lead to malnutrition in them and even giving them too much might make them bloated. Well, either case is not preferable.

Well, one of the most common routes of getting your fish sick is by feeding excess food. Everyone has a stomach. If it gets full, no one will eat more. The same goes for fishes too. If you feed more food to your fish, it will eventually eat a lot. But this is not the only issue here; the other issue is that the extra food, which the fish had not digested will go straight to the bottom of the tank, will settle there and will eventually pollute the tank. Well, this will lead to many diseases in the small pet. So, make sure you feed them with proper Betta Fish Food.

What do Betta Fish Eat?

Betta Fish comes in the category of Carnivorous animals. Well, not in the will ones, but the little ones. And so, they also need to fill their bellies with flesh. In the wild, they usually digest small insects, larvae, and even insect eggs from water’s surface. And so, it is important to get your fish a proper and sufficient amount of nutrients and protein, not just to fill their diet, but also to fill their requirements.

Well, this does not go with other fishes. Every fish has its own needs and requirements. And well, there are some tropical fishes which are incompatible with the Betta Food. And so, when kept together, you might need to consider changing the diet by a slight amount so that none of your fish will face any diet problems.

So, the question again arises in one’s mind for the best quality betta food. Well, let’s get started on the journey.

Best Food Products

How Many Pellets Should I Feed My Betta?

Here are some of the best food products considered by many and most of the people for feeding their fishes.

  • Northfin Food Betta Bits
  • Fluval Bug Bites Betta
  • Omega One Betta Buffet

Why are they Best?

Again, the question arises that why these fish foods are best? Well, as easy as the question, the answer might take us to inside the food. Well, if one looks carefully at the ingredients using which the food is made, he will be able to see the first and foremost ingredient to be ‘Fish Meal.’ Well, it might look a little bit odd since to normal person, the fish meal would refer to the inclusion of fish meat and a fish-eating a fish might sound like cannibalism. But well, it is as it sounds. Fish meal refers to the meat of salmon, herring, or even a krill. In all cases, the inclusion of these kinds of fish meat means the food is of the best quality, making sure that your fish gets all the nutrients it needs to get its full nutrition.

What to check for before buying?

How Many Pellets Should I Feed My Betta?

Well, there are different kinds and quality of fish pellets for betta fish in the market. There is different quality based upon the types of ingredients used in the product. The different kinds refer to the type of pellet. There are floating pellets, mid tank pellets, and even bottom tanked food. Well, the bottom tank food is very much bad for a betta. Betta fishes are surface feeders. So, eventually, they will settle with floating food or even mid tank food. But it is strangely recommended to get them floating pellets and flakes for their proper nutrition.


Well, it’s just not about food as pellets only. You don’t only have to feed your pet with food pellets only. Giving them treat and something else to eat a few times might be very good for their diet and health as well. And well, when it comes to treats, giving them freeze-dried/ frozen blood worms will be the best. But in this case, too, make sure you don’t give much of that food to your fish. Giving them, these treats once in a while such as once a week will avoid any bloating in them.

Final Verdict

Well, for a proper and well-nurtured diet, giving your betta fish, a food consisting of two small feeds per day, will be the best. Getting them this food once in the morning and once in the night, going apart for about 12 hours will make your fish come in a routine.

Some professional pet owners also believe in opting to fast their betta fish for about 24 hours once in like 10 to 12 days. This drastically removes the chance of any constipation problems in the fish. And so, here was everything about feeding the fish. So, why not follow this and give your fish, a proper betta fish food.