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Samshield Headware combines the key elements of aesthetics, design, safety, hygiene and comfort to create a technologically advanced helmet unlike any other on the market today.


Samshield HelmetThe key features of Samshield’s innovative design include:

- An outer shell composed of a new generation of extra strong, extra light polycarbonate paired with a expanded polystyrene (EPS) inner core that absorbs, controls and defuses shock upon impact

- Discreet but highly effective air flow channels that help increase circulation and eliminate sweat, and a unique, cutout design that eliminates pressure along the brow line

- Removable, hypoallergenic memory foam inserts which allow for fine adjustments in fit while reducing forehead pressure (no more helmet headaches! ), preventing unwanted movement, and promoting a more hygienic helmet environment

- Leather covered foam harness that keeps the helmet securely in place and prevents tipping

- A fully customizable selection of genuine, UV resistant Alcantara® fabrics which
eliminate helmet fading while creating a seamless, stylish look


Visit www.samshield.com to begin the process of customizing your own Samshield helmet.

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