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Rebecca Rigdon - Sponsors

"I have been an avid spokeswoman and believer in Purina Feeds for the past 5 years. I have had much success with their products. My horses are happy and healthy. I have a mare with Poly Saccharide Storage Myopathy that I couldn't keep weight on, let alone relaxed in her daily work. Once I put her on Ultium she gained weight and settled into her training beautifully. I have also seen a significant improvement in my 'ulcer prone' competition horses that I have switched to Ultium-they look and feel fantastic and I do not have to spend as much money on the costly treatment of Gastroguard!

I was not an easy sell for my representative in Kansas City, Ernie Rodena. Alas, Ernie was persistent, doing everything he could to work with me to find the best program for the horses under my care at mother'sbreeding farm which also housed my training business. I have since moved my business to Shannon and Steffen Peters barn Arroyo del Mar,and am still a life long believer.I have turned down other sponsorship and feed programs because I am and always will be, a life long believer in Purina." Rebecca

"Rebecca is on the road to be one of the greatest dressage riders in the country. I would put her up against anyone when it comes to ability, hard work, loyalty to Purina, and willingness to help us in any way." Ernie Purina Mills

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