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Chronicle of the Horse 2014 | Warmbloods Today: Cover Page | Article by Rebecca | Legend Ad | Star Spangled Ad
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Chronicle of the Horse April 2014Wormbloods Today cover - Soleil Article in Wormbloods Today Legend Ad Event ad with Soleil and Rebecca

Congratulations to Solei and Rebecca for winning
the USDF Region 7 Fourth level Freestyle Championship

August 2010

Solei won her PSG class at Cool August Nights in LA, as well as the USDF Freestyle class receiving just under a 75%!!


EquineVIP speaks to Dressage trainer
Rebecca Rigdon

Rebecca Rigdon is a young woman going places quickly in the Dressage arena. EquineVIP.com loves to introduce viewers to someone we know youll be seeing a lot more of in the horse world.
Her communication with riders and horses was witnessed by hundreds at this years Equine Affair in Pomona, CA - proof of her devotion to the sport. Rebecca used demonstration riders and their horses to clearly show her audience the precision necessary for Dressage.

Rebecca Rigdon Articles

dressage articles by Rebecca RigsonMy Stay in Germany In the fall of 2007 I was invited to Elmshorn, Germany by the Holsetiner Verband to be an auction rider and help train their young horses. With great enthusiasm I accepted the wonderful educational opportunity, left my fiancé, my horses, and my business behind, and ventured to Germany. more ...

American Holsteiner Horse Association In May, Maggie Sjoberg and I had the opportunity to travel to the Schlesswig-Holstein region of Germany to observe the Holsteiner Verband’s mare approvals and stand with their judges. Maggie’s daughter Abby also went along as an observer and to take photos and video of the trip more ...

Top Line Lengthenings When you see a horse that has a truly good extended trot it embodies everything that we strive for in dressage: engagement, strength, power, freedom.  If you are fortunate enough to have a horse with good extensions then for a brief moment, you know what it is like to fly. more ...

Toplines When we watch the grace and power of a good Grand Prix horse and rider it appears effortless.  There is no division between horse and rider, two entities are molded into one in which each partner is truly happy, eagerly working to please the other without subordination.  This partnership of trust, confidence, and reliability comes after years of consistent training.  If a rider is so fortunate to come across a trained Grand Prix horse it takes a great deal of time to develop a solid relationship and a connection must exist, almost instantly, from the first time the rider meets and rides his or her new partner. more ...

Finding Your Ideal Partner Dressage is a beautiful, elegant sport that unites horse and rider molding them into one entity; impossible to see the invisible aids giving by the rider and understood by the willing horse eager to please his/her rider.  This partnership takes years to form and shape. more ...

Training With Your New Partner Now that you have found your ideal horse it’s time maintain its value and quality of life by correct training.  If you are one of the lucky people that can afford an older well trained horse than your job is to learn from this horse as much as you can, but you must realize and accept that while you are learning the quality of your horse may decrease.  That is alright, as long as you are developing a better understanding of your individual riding skills, and taking good care of your new partner. more ... 


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